Monday, July 16, 2012

A Photo a Day - Some Apps for Play

At the start of the new year, one of the folks I follow in Twitter (pretty sure it was @stumpteacher), mentioned the concept of taking a photo a day for the course of the year and sharing it. One of my Facebook friends was doing this same thing, so I decided to give it a shot.  You can see the images to date in my "Project 366 Photo a Day 2012" blog. It has really given me the chance to explore some of the photo apps on my Iphone, plus be on a constant quest for what is out there. Some were free on a given day when I downloaded. Some were inexpensive. Some had add ons that jacked up the price as I used them more. Sorry, but I can't remember which was which.

Here are a few versions of a photo recently taken while in Ocean City on vacation.
Original Photo Straight from the Iphone
An app I recently read about and "had" to get to try was WordFoto. This lets the user choose words or phrases they want to incorporate into the photo. There are eight preset styles to work with, but you can also create custom styles choosing your own fonts, color combinations and fine tuning. The neat thing is that you can select multiple fonts at once for use in your image. A few "word sets" come ready to use in your images, but you can create your own as well.
WordFoto App - Words: Beach, Sun, NJ, OceanCity, Summer
I found this app when a friend recently asked if I knew of a photo app where you could crop pictures into ovals. I didn't know of one so I started exploring and came across Crop'n'Frame. It's $1.99. This app allows for a variety of combinations. You can choose your frame and its shape, style (There are six to choose from), width, background, and accent. Then decide what shape mat you want (There are five basic shapes - square, rounded corners, circle/ oval, heart and star) and the style mat (This includes a variety of decor on the mat if you aim for the style on the far right and double tap it), as well as width and colors. Lastly, you can add a caption (I forgot to do that in this example) with several font and type styles available. I am still exploring the assortment of features this app offers.
 Adobe Photoshop Express
This was one of the first photo apps I got on my phone. The most fundamental form of the app is free. However, there are add-ons that can be purchased. I have purchased both borders and effects although the basic Adobe PS has some of each. It has great basic photo editing features - crop, adjust color, balance, exposure, soften focus and sharpen all with the swipe of a finger. An easy to use undo button is also one of the features.
Adobe PhotoShop Express with Trendy Stack Border
 Perfect Image
This is another $1.99 app and one that I have not truly explored all the options that exist with it. I like it for the ease of changing pictures to preset styles - oil, canvas, sketch, posterizing, embossing, night vision, and so many more. It also gives the option of rotating, adding little clip art images that art part of the app, inserting text, putting on frames, and creating color splashes.
Perfect Image - Oil Painting
 FX Photo Studio
This was the first photo app I actually purchased for my phone. I've had it for almost a year and it's still a "go to" app for me. It's 99 cents. It has a plethora (I believe the exact number is 189) of preset effects to add in addition to the standard crop, rotate and brightness adjust tools. You can also do a color splash or add text. When choosing the effect to add, you can sort by categories, select favorites to have a effects you frequently use, or "roll the die" and let the app choose a random effect for your use. Multiple effect processes are an option as well.
FX Photo Studio - Color Fantasy - Color Explosion
 I look forward to hearing your "go to" photo apps or maybe having you join in the photo a day challenge, even if only for a month.

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