Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Visit from the Folks

My Aunt Pat often tells me I am the perfect examples of genetics, a blend of both my mom and my dad. This weekend my mom and stepdad, Fred, came for a visit. Hmm. This meant that since their last visit in October, the pack rat tendency gene from my father had time to flourish. Partnered with his tendency for procrastination, it made last week a flurry of trying to clean, organize, and “get it together.”
Mom and I pose (neither of us are photogenic) at one of the Flower Show exhibits.
Friday I took mom to the “Village Quilter” so she could check out the store and kibbitz with the shop owner. It’s a treat for her. Saturday we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It was mom’s first time there so she got to cross it off her bucket list. I love the Flower Show but wish I could tackle it when there are fewer crowds. Maybe at 2 am? Too bad they are not open then. J Their visit ended with breakfast at IHOP.

Fred spots us sneaking up on them.
I think one of the biggest joys this weekend was the reminder of how wonderful the men in our life are. Fred was under the weather yet went to the Flower Show anyway. Gene tolerates my packrat tendencies then is the key in getting the house “family ready.” Now, it’s Sunday morning and I get to squeeze in my weekend to-do list.

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