Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank a Farmer - National Agriculture Week

What a beautiful Friday afternoon! I sit typing this blog from the comfort of my back deck. It’s a beautiful end to National Agriculture Week. I know as I sit basking in the sun, there are farmers down the road planting their fields. So, as National Agriculture Week comes to a close, I am using my blog to thank farmers for all they provide. (Yup, I’m an Ag Geek and proud of it!)

T omatoes (Jersey Fresh, of course!)
H oney
A sparagus
N atural settings (there is a huge amount of wildlife habitat related to agriculture)
Kale (Who really eats that? It’s the ornamental kale I enjoy)


F iber (not just in my breakfast cereal, but for my clothing, too!)
A lmonds
R aspberries
M ums (Although I love food, it’s not all about eating)
E verything! (Without farmers, I would be naked and hungry.)
R ed Angus Beef (I was looking at the list and realized I was a little heavy on the fruits and veggies)

The list could go on and on. National Agriculture Week has come to a close, but I will continue to promote agricultural literacy because it is one of the joys in my life.

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