Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day

How could I have let a month pass by without sharing some of the joys of living I have experienced: a cruise to Bermuda and time with Gene; getting my Doctoral Dissertation Committee approved; the Flyers making the Stanley Cup Playoffs (even if they aren’t looking to hot at the moment); and more?

Today, Teacher Appreciation Day, served to remind me of all of the experiences and relationships that I am grateful for because I am a teacher. They include:
·        An awesome network of colleagues across the country
·        Getting to experience the joy of holding a dear colleagues one day old baby
·        Adventures at FFA camp with my students
·        Laughing at lunchtime
·        And so much more that I could fill pages and pages (but I won’t because it’s 11:08 and I promised myself I would go to bed early tonight!)

Two Robins - Connecting with one of the directors of Camp Oswegatchie.

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