Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week: Last Day of Tribute – Penns Grove and Northern Colleagues

For Teacher Appreciation Week, I have posted about my father, who was my high school art teacher, my Agriculture Teacher, my virtual PLN, and the network of agricultural education colleagues I have around the globe.  On the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week, I pay tribute to the co-workers I spend (or back at my time at Penns Grove spent) my days with. These are the tireless educators who work untold hours to help inspire students, find the best strategies to present content, collaborate to find solutions, and spend money from their own pockets to do their job.  These are the people who buoy me when I am having a rough day, laugh at my craziness, and keep me grounded. These are the people who put notes and trinkets in my mailbox to say thinking of you or thanks.  These are the people that give back to the community, work beyond the clock, engage in teacher leadership and serve as role models.  These are the people that put their heart and soul into their life’s work as an educator, club advisor, mentor - in other words, a TEACHER.

I am grateful for lessons of my former colleagues at Penns Grove, colleagues who I still share life events, celebrations, and joys with. I am proud to be an educator at Northern Burlington and work with many outstanding educators.

Colleagues, if no one has yet told you they appreciate you, I do. 
Thank you for being part of my life!

The sun rises on a new day at Northern

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